Egads Ache (aka Ear Ache My I) by Germy Folkwayz

Egads Ache (aka Ear Ache My I) by Germy Folkwayz

Happy Berfdaze Robert Dobbs!!!

The retrieval of oral culture in a visual society where the word makes the market with centers everywhere and margins nowhere (eye come from?), museum without walls and city as classroom while cut and pasting pastimes of the mystery landscape with social networks when holeopathically juggling Dobbs and Bobs, who travel at the speed of thought amongst inventories of hidden psychic and social effects qualifying every known Menippean narratorial clause because there ain’t no sanity clause on the mourning stage at the memory theater of the rogues’ gagster gallery, thus all-at onceness, rearview mirrorism transforms hendiadys, tetrads and percepts synesthesially smelling “speak that I may see you” which seduces discarnate Mobius strips of past software hoicking hot & cold fusion massage. Club 22 repurposes the “who new” genres of antiquarian and post-antiquarian James Joyce po-mo decon studies by transforming the very format of coach house continuums lectures into the form and content of Finnegans Wake itself in this berfday partee.

G.K. Chesterton quipped, “Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.” The abnihilisation of the etym? Maybe it is a byte like Garner Ted doing Flaps&Randy as Jack Nicholson doing Pee-Wee Herman while reworkin’ the whittling “Angles can buy because they tax themselves so litely.”

Is Rumpelstiltskin (aka Joaidane — “He who talks too much” in Arabic) a Houdini-like rattle of the harvest moon? Know more questions from you Buddy?

Can we brake the chaosmos code of projection mapping the Android Mom? Meme?

Hand signals for the blind? Percept plunder for the recent future?


Our “consciousness can be freed from the shackles of mechanical culture” and can “enable us to roam the cosmos.” Party people” learn the secret songs that orchestrate the universe.” “Must we continue to mow down the Kennedys in order to illustrate that the hot politics of the old machines won’t work on the cool and involving TV medium?” — McLuhan ’69. “I should prefer to de-fuse this gigantic human bomb by starting a dialogue somewhere on the side-lines to distract the trigger-men, or to needle the somnambulists.” — McLuhan ‘51.

Celebrate Bob’s 100th year of living centennial cultures as our business.

Bob NotPoem

Tell a scope to yer ear

Cause I am not hear

Shake your ESP ear

Yearn knot beer

Furry Lint

kNow Latin Pink

Everytime BoB’s sell rings

Angels get their wings

BME seedys

Dcell meetings

Joe Done Sloan

Hit A Sin Cane

Venice Ned Sloan

Bardo Bingo Rain

Wipe yer glosses with whacha No

User is the ConTent dodo

“The zoomers wants more content than they can use. The Bobists wants more liberties than they can take. “ — Jimi James INTO ???

“In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” — Andy Warhol INTO “In the future everyone will have privacy for 15 minutes” — Robert Dobbs.

“The present day composer refuses to die” — Edgard Varese INTO “The present day tiktok alchemist refuses to perform wittingly” — ??

VIA “If I have performed alchemy, then it was in the only way that is reliable today, namely unwittingly.” — Marcel Duchamp.

“There ain’t no Santa Claus on the evening stage” — Captain Beefheart INTO “There ain’t no sanity clause on the mourning stage” — Korla Hatton

Einstein’s “God doesn’t play dice with the world” INTO Stephen Hawking’s “Not only does God play dice, but that he sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can’t be seen. “

Throw Up Dices, Slices, Thins and trims

Dobbs’ “Ambiguity is a sign of human maturity”

McLuhan’s “disdain of revision” and to inherent problems of ambiguity

Dobbs reswindles Menippean memory with new interrobangity

Ah ah ah am ambiguous consciousness of electronic autonomy

welly well well as ultimate merging with everybody into one human tribity

Are secrets themselves hard to fact-check ?

Poetry with footnotes?

Embrace contradictions?

Who is Bob?

Why is Bob?

What is Bob?

When is Bob?

Where is Bob?

How is Bob?

Reinvent, reword, reboot?

Robert Browning’s poem “Andrea del Sarto”:
“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for?”


“A man’s reach must exceed his grasp or what’s a metaphor?” — McLuhan

Converting to Catholicism as performance art?

“The Reverend Italian director Luchino Visconti was openly gay yet devoutly Catholic, ostensibly Communist yet unwieldy aristocratic.” — Joshua Barone NY Times 10–16–21

“​I am part Communist and part Fascist with a healthy dose of Monarchism in my Marxism, but at bottom an Anarchist with a passion for order.” — Wyndham Lewis.

Eight possible McLuhan roles (two times four):
Utopian, Neo-luddite, Gnostic, Vatican agent, and
Zen Buddhist, Technological determinist, Pseudo-scientist, Manhattan Project romantic,
…as detailed by Robert Dobbs essay
- McLuhan and Holeopathic Quadrophrenia: The Mouse-That-Roared Syndrome

One plus one equals ?

Two plus two equals ?

Fill in da blanks — 14 possible Bob roles:


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