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-- 2023 Info & Events 2023 Info & Events

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JOIN IN UPCOMING Live events and Zoom events 2023 — rsvp Gerry Fialka for links & info

***Saturday, Jan 21, 2023–20th Annual VENICE FILM FEST

***Saturday, Jan 28, 2023–13th annual POETRY OF VENICE PHOTOGRAPHY

***EVERY FIRST TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH !!! is VeniceWake Reading Club — James Joyce Tuesday, Jan 3, 2023 is page 619

***March 21–26 Gerry Fialka presents Jean-Luc Godard What’s Next? at 61st Ann Arbor Film Festival

***April 2, 2023 at 7pm (doors 6pm) The Venice West presents Suzy Williams & Gerry Fialka — Venice Beats

at 1717 Lincoln Blvd Venice music, poetry, art, fun history . . .

Pull My Daisy -Suzy sings Jack Keroauc& Allen Ginsburg =

GF’s Venice BeachHead Beats article:

Venice West Tour VIDEO:

*** Sat, July 15 The 16th ANNUAL LIT SHOW with SUZY WILLIAMS & BRAD KAY is a LIVE EVENT at Beyond Baroque, 7pm

*** Sat, May 20, 2023

It’s All Write Ma — Zimmy Zoomin’ Could it be RobbMe Zimmer as Noel Coward? and/or: “I don’t like propaganda in the theater unless it is disguised so brilliantly that the audience mistakes it for entertainment.” When asked “Are you a poet?” Bob responded “I’m a trapeze artist.” Bob says: “Don’t ever tell anyone everything you know.” and ““I didn’t create Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan has always been here.” “Are you going to play yourself?” Bob: “No, I am gonna play my mother.” TANGLED Up in EVERYawareNESS.

*** SUNDAY, Oct 22, 2023, 6pm-live music, 7pm-films at Beyond Baroque -

An Evening of Music Films with Mark Cantor: “I’ve Just Gotta See It But It Ain’t On YouTube Blues”

*** Sun, Nov 12, 2023

PXL THIS 33 Toy Camera Film Festival

PXL THIS 30 and



The annual toy camera film festival features Pixelvision — Fisher Price PXL200. PXL THIS, one of the oldest film festivals in LA, celebrates visionary moving image artists from seminal experimental filmmakers to 10-years-olds to homeless to professionals. Lo-Fi Hi-Jinx

*** GERRY’s ZOOM SALONS: Online discussions LZS — Laughtears Zoomin’ Salons every Monday, Tuesday & Wed, at 1:30pm Pacific time. And occasional Saturdays we go from 1 to 2:30pm. Probe the hidden psychic effects of human inventions and how they shape behaviour. Arts, literature, film, activism, new media, poetry, funk, jazz, avant-garde, new media, performance art, politics, cosmic wisdom, jokes. Ask about: Carl Jung Reading Group, Ulysses Reading Group, and more

2023 marks 43 year of Gerry Fialka in Venice, CaliforniaAs well we celebrate the following:PXL THIS Film Festival, established 1990–33rd annual Nov 12, 2023Marshall McLuhan — Finnegans Wake Reading Club since 1995–28th year Oct 3, 2023Venice Film Fest since 2003–20th annual Jan 21, 2023
The Lit Show (Suzy Williams & Brad Kay celebration of song and literature) since 2005–16th annual July 15, 2023
The Poetry of Venice Photography since 2010–13th annual Jan 28, 2023
MESS (Media Ecology Soul Salon — interview series) since 1992Documental (film series) since 19957 Dudley Cinema (film series) since 1998
RIA (live cinema performances) since 2005M.O.M. (Meditations On Media) since 1990Laughtears Salon (discussion group) since 2015BSP — Black Shoe Polish — avant funk blues jazz music collective — since 1982

LZS — Laughtears Zoomin’ Salons since 2020

Read articles by/about Gerry Fialka:

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Gerry article on George Carlin =

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McFinn Salon

ReTylerize As Musical MashUp c

Da Boardwalk pfsuzy/boogaloo-up-da-boardwalk-by-gerry-fialka-june-july- 2020-c7105b105cb2

Cure for the Common Codebreaker

V for Venice ka-venice-beachhead-august- 2020–487a39d2283e

MESS — Media Ecology Soul Salons — Gerry Fialka interview series

Interviews are listed and posted many places, including YouTube and ?query=fialka%20gerry lintonthegeek (includes McLuhanMashUp series) sheets/d/1EtuhFDTB2KCI7E2INxg VCg7Cc0cYX4OsvOw8ZxeAv0Q/edit# gid=0

Tune in, Watch out and Drop In to Gerry Fialka’s two Interview/Salon podcasts on two different channels:

MESS & McLuhanMashUp

on Clinton Ignatov’s channel CONCERNED NETIZEN:



on Rob Grant’s channel — I’m Probably Wrong About Everything

Please send us your reactions to the feature film

The Brother Side of the Wake (aka BroSide)

ONE MINUTE BroSide preview trailer

and MoSide

Check out the book

Strange Questions: Experimental Film as Conversation — Compelling interviews with notables in avant-garde cinema offer insights into moving image art — its creative processes, formative influences, and hidden psychic effects. Through interviews with George Manupelli, Larry Gottheim, Chick Strand, Tom Gunning, Jay Rosenblatt, Martha Colburn, Evan Meaney, Mike Hoolboom, Robert Nelson, and Nina Menkes, Lynne Sachs, Strange Questions links powerful personal stories with the contemporary media-scape. Available here in paperback and kindle from Amazon

Check out: Fialka Book Release by Morgan Agren

and Fialka Book Release! (Redux) by Morgan and Tyler Bartram

and Bartram&Fialka Youtube channel

Franky & Zimmy

Gerry’s essay on Craig Baldwin is due in a new book soon — /baldwin.html

Stay tuned — Gerry Fialka 310–306–7330 2022 Info & Events


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