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Venice Culture Salons VCS#1 -Venice Heritage Museum by Gerry Fialka

Venice Culture Salons VCS#1 -Venice Heritage Museum by Gerry Fialka

VCS at VHM — Gerry Fialka 4–28–24 This is the first draft of the first meeting. Your additions & corrections are welcomed and needed. Please put’em in the comment section at the end of this list. Note this list is mainly “BOARDWALK MUSICIANS”, but the exceptions listed eventually will get into their proper list, like “BOARDWALK PERFORMERS” (comedy, performance art, etc), and “VENICE MUSICIANS”, those who live(d) in Venice, etc . . . as this series continues . . . the list will grow to FILM, ART, POETRY, DANCE, PHOTOGRAPHY, ARCHITECTURE, GARDENS and more . . .

Abraham Butler, Diane Butler & Venice Drum Orchestra

Al Robinson

Alexander Bernard

Alfred Johnson


Andy Kravitz

Aren Flowers (Shakira, MTV VMA)

Argentino (Las Vegas Bob, drums)

Arthur Nakane — Secret Asian Man

Azar Lawrence — played w/ Elvin Jones at age 19

Barry the Lion Gordon

Benny Ballejo

Biff Scarborough

Billie Harris

Billy Stobo

Billy Whitacker

Brad Kay (Mystics Knight of the Oingo Boingo)

Brian Klock (Venice Beach All Stars)

Bruce Langhorne

BSP- Black Shoe Polish (with Kyle Kowerduck)

Butch — vocals

Butch Mudbone

Buzzy Linhart


Carlos Guitarlos

Carmen Fanali

Chistopher Hazard

Crackhead Barney

Cristina Vane

Crosby Morgan

Dale Rogers

Dan Dubelman & Vickie Dubelman (aka Betty Dylan)


David Leonard & Roselyn Lionheart

David Young

David Waller

Desi Ramone

Don the Mad Cosmic Violinist

Don Seymore

Dougo Smith

Dorit Jaffe

Dr. Geek


Drew Stiles

Dr. Juice

Eden Ahbez

Ed Brown (& the Snake Lady)

Edwing Sankey

Eddie LaGrossa

Eddie Zarate

Elton & Betty White

Eric Sullivan

Fred Koerner — flute

Freddy Ginns

Gale Goldman & David Philp

Gregory Stanford

Greg Cruz

Gregory Hines

Gumbo Brothers-Johann Stein, New Orleans Parade, Mike Bolger, Dan Weinstein…

Hailey Demian

Happy Ivy

Harry The Fiddler

Harry Perry

Honey Davis

Hook (aka Clyde McGuire)

Jack & Jessica

Jack Sheldon

Jacques & Remi (Diamantose)

Jacob Berkman (drums in 2023 film The House Band)

James Mitchell Jr & Miguel Stauten-Greg Cruz Muddy Bottom Blues Band

James Putnam

James Scotty Todd

Janor Hypercleats — Mr TV

Jason Basson

Jay Howard

Jeffrey DL Smith

Jerome skateboard

Jet Demetrios

Jingles (and Frank)

Jim Laudon

Jimmy Drummer

Jesse Ed Davis

Joe Nucci & Greg Crumby

Joey California

John Worley (Mad John)

Joseph Baruch

Joy Rippel (and her fiddler John Lambden “Clam Chowder”)

Kahlil Sabbagh

Kathy Leonardo

King Solomon Snakeman


Kyle Kowerduck (BSP)

Lance Wakely (one man guitar harmonica band)

Leah Rhodes

Lenny Brucemas’68 — GTO’s, Elliot Ingber, 20,000 people

Leon Rubenhold

Lily Marlene & Paloma The GrownUps


Lionel Baptiste

Louie Garcia — Drummer

Lorenzo Tipjar

John Worley (Mad John)

Manny Eagleson

Marc ThunderHead (one-arm guitarist)

Mark Giacomelli

Mark Hecht — Gefilte Fuck

Marky Lennon

Marty Liboff

Matt DeMerritt

Michael Colyar

Michael Forbes

Michael Goldstein (aka Kaunda, sax)

Michael Jost

Michael Morris

Mick Toto

Mike Dunnigan (Suicidal Tendencies founding member)

Miles Davis Johnson

Milo Gonzalez

Miss Daisy

Nathan Pino

Paula Montondo

Paul Carey

Paul Oscher

Paulie Dee

Peter Bennett

Peter Demian

Petr Hromadko

Phoenix Painter

Phyllis Des Verney

Phlyte Risk

PK Dwyer

Puke & Liar

Raine Stern

Randy Brooks

Rebecca Stout

Red Elvises

Regina Star

Renee DeCastro Drummer


Rick Mitchell

Robert Gruenberg — chainsaws

Rockin’ Robert Heinze (drums w/ Sam Taylor, James Armstrong)

Roger & Jolene

Roman — guitar

Ron Grun

Sally Piano (Sara Messenger)

Sam Lapides


Slavin’ David

Slim Godfather

Soldier — percussion

Stabbin’ Steve — funk bass — Perry?

Stanley Behrens


Steve Linden — broccoli drum

SteveO Carrio — Bass

Steve F’dor

Sunny War

Sunny Zorro

Sunset Robert


SuperBroke (Danny Moynahan marching band)

Suzy Williams

Swami X

Tad Dery


Ted — bass in Phlyte Risk

Ted Hawkins

The Cardboards

The Doors

The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo

Tim Corvin

Tina Catalina — John Club

Tommy Jordan

Tony Vera

Tree Man

Tropical Nasty

Uncle Bill Crawford

Vessy Mink

Vinnie Caggiano

Vinnie Digaetano

Wadada Jimmy


Wes Parker — drums, vocals

Willy L Jean-Paul

Woody Nick Cain



These need to be identified with names/hints:

Australian guitarist

Louis Armstrong-James Brown singer

New Gary Moore-like guitarist

New soul singer

Ex-peace officer with harmonica at Abraham’s drum circle

Elderly Italian accordionist

And lots more…


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