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Venice Culture Salons VCS#2 -Venice Heritage Museum by Gerry Fialka

Venice Culture Salons VCS#2 -Venice Heritage Museum by Gerry Fialka

VCS at VHM — Gerry Fialka May 26, 2024 Here are the pre-notes for the second meeting. Your additions & corrections are welcomed and needed. Please put’em in the comment section at the end of this list, and email’em to me. Note the list in VCS#1 is now known as “OCEAN FRONT WALK MUSICIANS.”



Venice-based curator, filmmaker, and interviewer Gerry Fialka hosts a series of Venice Culture Salons that he will present at VHM on the last Sunday of each month.

Updates by Gerry Fialka

VCS#1 went well. We covered the musicians up to the “Ds”.

Historian & author William McNally will speak as a recurring 15 minute segment “Venice Vignettes” at each VCS, right after Gerry’s 15 minute intro. Here is the oral history video of McNally (aka Sweet William) .

He has published two books: “JFK & RFK MADE ME DO IT: 1960–1968” (2021) and “Venice of America: The American Dream Come True” (1976). His articulate words sumarize the Venice spirit: “People in Venice are free to be themselves . . . the freedom-to-be-free . . . Thanks to Abbott Kinney, everyone is welcome to use the Venice public beach; it’s free. The spirit of Venice will never die, for it lives on in the hearts of brave and beautiful men and women who are striving for freedom at the edge of America. . . . The sea keeps thumping. Every second it shows how simple life can be if we just go with the flow.”

PLEASE support VHM: Our mission is to preserve, showcase, and nurture Venice’s diverse cultural heritage and history.

Here are some VCS#1 updates for OCEAN FRONT WALK MUSICIANS:

Carrington Macduffie (PK Dwyer back-up singer)

Cedric Lamont Stokes (Big Toe Bass)

Drum Circle (est 1972)

Harlan Steinberger

John Gavert

Jordan B. Wilson aka The Lone Sound Ranger

Lenny Hoops (Louis A, Ray Charles, James Brown)

Melody Platt (PK Dwyer back-up singer)

Martin Yarbrough

Matthew Dowd

Michael Trevor

Nature -Alfonso Chavez, Reilly Brown, Ezra Martin-Rosenthal


Patrick Lary Austrian guitarist

Patrick Liberty

Ruben Hall (aka Flattop aka Groovin’ Ruben)

Sunset Robert

Tony Vera

SPECIAL THANKS TO MARTY LIBOFF. Check his article on the Cheetah Club


I welcome and NEED your help, corrections, additions, THANK YOU, Gerry Fialka 310–306–7330

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” — Abe Lincoln

“Gerry Fialka is the Studs Terkel of Venice, California — nurturing active participation for common ground.” — Michele Raven, Writer/Producer

“Gerry Fialka is one of the most giving impresarios that ever landed in Venice, California. He continues to fulfill Venice founder Abbott Kinney’s dream of Chautauqua’s influence on people. Fialka is the glue of the Venicessance. “ — Jeffrey Solomon, Historian

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VENICE BEATS IV at Venice West in April, 2025

“The Venice Beats event at The Venice West was phenomenal! The best show ever. I’m so thrilled to have experienced the evening with the most talented people — performing. . . the sax player Carol Chaikin, Kahlil Sabbagh, Brad Kay, Pegarty Long, and more. Eric Ahlberg knocked it out of the park! Producer/host Gerry Fialka and singer Suzy Williams outdid themselves. Wow wow wow! They MUST do it again. I was blown away.” - Venice Community activist Linda Lucks

READ= Venice BeachHead Beats article:



SPONTO BEATS (10 minutes, 2024) — .


Suzy Williams sings PULL MY DAISY — David Amram, Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg= .